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April 5 / India

”This is very strange, sir. You’re enjoying this, and we’re all suffering.”

Min indiske sidemann på toget ser på meg med en oppgitt mine, men smiler nesten like bredt som meg.

September 14 / Slovakia
April 25 / Gibraltar

For one, Gibraltar is a much smaller place

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. A pleasant European small town rather than an Asian megacity.

January 15 / Norway

A random Twitter message on a December evening led to five fantastic days in the sun and biting cold

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. My first Femundløpet will not be my last.

November 7 / Lebanon

I love share taxis

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. I didn’t know it before going to Beirut, but the red license plate that screams “at your servees” puts a smile on my face.

May 16 / Ukraine

Leaving Ukraine, I ran into an unexpected money problem

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February 4 / Norway
November 20 / India

Feeling slightly the worse for wear after my last sleeper bus journey, I steeled myself for the overnighter from Hampi to Gokarna

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November 13 / India

Not only is the border between India and Pakistan fiercely guarded by the tallest and proudest men the two countries can muster, there’s something decidedly Python-esque about the whole thing.

November 13 / India

Now, the Sikhs have taken Hard Rock Cafe’s slogan to heart, and it’s not just a gimmick.